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Welcome to Youkido

Youkido.com is a service with the main goal of learning different vendors to create transactions with consumers interested in the range of products they have, through the right display of these products on the Youkido.com website.

Youkido is an Athena Logistics action that aims at a foreign development policy. In this channel, the company is trying to help businesses and sellers, the need for cost reduction, as Youkido members pay for this service after a successful order.

Youkido vendors are in contact with a platform that is designed to help them import their own payment and shipping details, such as an e-shop.

With the help of Google map, consumers can filter the products available in their own country, making them even more immediate.

Zig Ziglar (American writer): "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Understanding the magnitude of competition that we have today, we have tried to create a service that aims, through Youkido's services, to achieve a proper function with competitors, our partners' requirements, our consumer demands and our vision.

This financial period (2018-2019) informs YouKido users / vendors about the submission process of a product on the website and generally about all the processes needed by service vendors, so as not to face potential management difficulties.

There are a lot more things we want to materialize in Youkido, most of them alongside the main site passing many tests. A new service for Youkido is to create an easy deal for an auction.

In the above video, we see the first presentation of Youkido by Mr. Sarris Konstantinos, the founder and owner of Athena Logistics, explaining the simplicity and usefulness of this service while it was only developed in Greece.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.

Learning to sell at Youkido.com